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Location of Boundary Stones (Mile Markers)

Also see: History of the Original Boundary of the District of Columbia

The mile markers of the original boundary of the District of Columbia were put in place from 1791 - 1792 by Andrew Ellicott.  The south corner stone was ceremoniously laid at Jones' Point on April 15, 1791. Larger stones are laid at the North, South, East and West corners of the original ten-mile square.

On the sides of the stones facing the District of Columbia is inscribed "Jurisdiction of the United States."  On the opposite side of those placed in the commonwealth of Virginia is inscribed "Virginia."  And on those in the state of Maryland, "Maryland."  On the third and fourth sides, is inscribed the year in which the stone was placed, and the magnetic compass reading at that place.

See www.BoundaryStones.org for a List of Locations,


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North Cornerstone

Immediately south of East-West Highway, west of 16th Street

Northeast Stones
NE 1 Bronze plaque exists in place of stone at 7847 Eastern Avenue, in the sidewalk in front of a shop
NE 2 On the corner of a lawn near Maple and Carroll Avenue in Takoma Park, MD
NE 3 Edge of a commercial parking lot on Eastern Avenue, just south of New Hampshire Avenue
NE 4 Under a large tree at the side of Eastern Avenue, just north of Sargent Road
NE 5 Private yard at 4609 Eastern Avenue
NE 6 Private yard at 3601 Eastern Avenue
NE 7 Fort Lincoln cemetery near an equipment storage facility
NE 8 Wooded area behind an apartment development near the intersection of Eastern and Kenilworth Avenues, in the vicinity of the Aquatic Gardens
NE 9 Front yard of a private home at 919 Eastern Avenue

East Cornerstone

Southeast of the intersection of Eastern and Southern Avenues

Southeast Stones
SE 1 East of 54th and D Streets, near a small trash dump
SE 2 Front lawn at 4345 Southern Avenue
SE 3 Surrounded by hedges in front of garden apartments at 3908 Southern Avenue
SE 4 Next to Naylor Road near the intersection of Suitland Parkway
SE 5 Middle of an open field just southeast of the intersection of Mississippi and Southern Avenues
SE 6 Near the entrance of the Henry Gilpin Company at 901 Southern Avenue
SE 7 Near Oxon Run, just south of Southern Avenue
SE 8 Landfill operation at D.C. Village
SE 9 Potomac riverbed at Fox's Ferry (not original location)


South Cornerstone

Located in the seawall in front of the Jones' Point Lighthouse on the Potomac River side in Alexandria, VA

Southwest Stones
SW 1 At the Southwest corner of the intersection of Wilkes and S. Payne Streets in Alexandria, VA
SW 2 On the east side of Russell Road just north of King Street
SW 3 At the north end of the parking lot of the First Baptist Church, 2932 King Street, Alexandria, VA
SW 4 Adjacent to Fairlington Village at the edge of King Street, just north of Wakefield Street
SW 5 On the edge of a park next to Walter Reed Parkway, just east of King Street
SW 6 Median strip of Jefferson Street, just south of Columbia Pike in Arlington, VA (not original location)
SW 7 Between Arlington Boulevard and Glencarlyn Drive on the Arlington County/Fairfax County border, next to a fence on the edge of a woods
SW 8 On the edge of a parking lost behind an apartment building at the intersection of John Marshall Drive and Wilson Boulevard (not original location)
SW 9 A park along Van Buren Street, north of Columbia Street in Falls Church, VA


West Cornerstone

In a park off Meridian Street just south of West Street in Falls Church, VA

Northwest Stones
NW 1 The side yard of a home at 3607 Powaton Street on the Arlington County line
NW 2 On the edge of woods next to a private home at 5298 Old Dominion Drive
NW 3 Center of the backyard of a home at 4013 Tazwell Street, Arlington, VA
NW 4 In the backyard of a home within the fenced Dalecarlia Reservation
NW 5 Within Dalecarlia Reservation, near Westmoreland Circle at Massachusetts Avenue, in deep woods
NW 6 Middle of a small field along Western Avenue near Fessenden Street.
NW 7 Front lawn of a home at 5600 Western Avenue
NW 8 Front yard of a private home at 6422 Western Avenue at Pinehurst Circle
NW 9 Wooded area of Rock Creek Park about 50 yards from the end of Western and Oregon Avenues, N.W., Washington, D.C.