Our Beginnings

The beginning of the District of Columbia as a State Society is closely intertwined with the beginning of the organization of National Society itself, since many of the early founders and members lived in the District of Columbia.

The District has been represented on the NSDAR National Board since July 1891, with the appointment of Mrs. Maria Green Devereux as Regent of the District of Columbia.


Mary Lockwood notes in her book “The Story of The Records” that on “Monday evening Feb 29, 1892, the members of the Society of the D.A.R. residents in Washington, in response to a call from the Recording Secretary of the National Board of Management, met in the Parlors of the Riggs House for the purpose of forming a local chapter, there being at that time no chapter in the District.” The first chapter was named in honor of Mary Washington.


Among the early rolls of DCDAR membership were the names of descendants of the Washingtons, Balls, Blairs, Livingstons, Greens, Hardings, Bledsoes, and Lees. During the Congress of 1893, Mrs. Sallie K. Alexander was elected by the delegates from the District chapters. There were three chapters in Washington at this time, and Mrs. Alexander had the honor of being the first elected State Regent. The first DCDAR State Conference was held November 30, 1901, at the Washington Club House.


Since its beginning, the District of Columbia State Society has thrived under the exceptional leadership of its State Regents.


We Are Still Going Strong

The District of Columbia DAR is proud to have 18 active chapters, with more than 1,300 members who serve in a variety of roles in their chapters, as well as state and national committees.


We’re a diverse Society with active members ranging in age from their early 20s to their mid-90s. Fitting DAR work in to our busy lives is made possible by the range of meeting times for our chapters offering weekday, weekend, and evening events and meetings.


District Daughters are connected electronically with newsletters, websites for chapter and state activities, Facebook, photo sharing sites, and other media to highlight and celebrate contributions by our members.


The State Society has a chapter house which houses a small library and archive room where a variety of state and chapter events are held. Members enjoy teas, luncheons, and dinners using lovely table service and silver pieces donated by members from the past.


We believe there is something for everyone in DCDAR.


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