Each DCDAR chapter is unique. We encourage all interested members and potential members to seek out a chapter that focuses on your areas of interest and fits into your busy schedule.

  • For meeting locations, upcoming events, or chapter related questions, please email the chapter regent.

  • For membership or eligibility questions, please email the chapter registrar.

  • For the steps to membership, please visit Membership.


Chapter Name
Meeting Day/Time
Capitol 2nd Mon. 6:30 PM Brittany Strupp Marta Hernandez
Colonel John Washington-Katherine Montgomery 2nd Sat. 10 AM Ronja Roberts Jennifer Tuorinsky
Columbia 4th Tue. or 3rd Sat. 10 AM Monica Huegel Carol Leon
Constitution 2nd Sat. Noon
Judy Kauer Angela Morley
Descendants of '76 2nd Wed. 11 AM and Sat. Brooke Terry Kay Elsassar
Dolley Madison 2nd Sun. 4 PM Alexa Walker Mary Weir
Eleanor Wilson 3rd Sat. 10 AM Nancy Blevins Callie Hansen
Emily Nelson 3rd Thurs. 7 PM Meredith Pryce Kelly Keegan
Foggy Bottom 2nd Wed. 6:15 PM Lesley Grimes Sydney Holdren
Judge Lynn 1st Mon. 7 PM Rhonda Wilson Heather Ware
Manor House 2nd Tue. 7 PM Lenna Hoffman Megan Kennedy
Margaret Whetten 2nd Sat. 1 PM Lee Holfield Alicia Osgood
Martha Washington 1st Sat. 10 AM Marilyn Haroutunian
Jessica Grainger
Mary Desha 3rd Sat. 10 AM Kathleen Burnett Melissa Barrett

Mary Washington

2nd Sat. 10:30 AM Judy Holloway Margery Benson
Monticello 2nd Sat. 10 AM Miram Bowyer Marcia Guzauskas
Richard Arnold

Quarterly meetings; Saturdays at 1 pm

Marion Connell Ann Taylor Schaeffer
Ruth Brewster 2nd Sat. 12 PM or 2nd Tues. 7 PM Elizabeth Poole Samantha McAnulty